The railway model making exists under numerous scales and trade names. Every scale has its advantages and its inconveniences whether it is for the point of view of the details of realization, the busy place, the cost of purchase or realization of the layout, the ease to treat (for the children)...

The module of which it is question here is going to be realized in the scale 1:22.5, the gauge is 45 millimeters. The mark of the railway material is LGB (Lehmann Gross Bahn), German mark existing since 1968, known all over the world to be one of the only marks making trains capable of running outside, in whatever weather conditions. The products of this mark are of excellent quality and owed of numerous years even decades.

Among the various conceptions of layouts of toy trains (circuit assembled on the ground, a model in a piece for reduced scales), the conception of networks in modules is the ideal solution for big turntable scales, or if one wishes to modify the network or to move it (move, exhibition,...). A module is a model the outside measures of which are defined and the passage of the track from a module to the other one is always made on the same place. So, we can enlarge, reduce, modify a layout by moving modules.

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